The actual Locarno classification is the 13th, but only the 12th edition in 2019 included significant modifications : 19 new sub-classes created, 1 existing sub-class deleted.

However, design searches have not been that much impacted: half of the new sub-classes created in 2019, belong to a class which represented less than  3% of 2018 application in France.

A classification new edition does not have any retroactive effect, so searches periods prior to 2018 are not concerned, 

WIPO has added more than 5 millions designs from China in 2019.

Image from our in-house designs file 
these bottles are not classified in the locarno sub class 09-01 "Bottles & Flasks" so would be difficult to found in a classic search.

Designs whith a typo, or an incorrect sub-class in the Locarno data can not be easily found  in a subject search, 

Our in-house database includes corrected Locarno data of thousands of FR, EUIPO, WIPO designs (non exhaustive file)

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